Best Cordless Impact Wrench of 2016

The Best Cordless Impact Wrench 2016

Impact wrenches are common yet important tools. In fact, they are some of the tools that you would see in anyone’s toolbox. Whether it may be in a garage or workshop, or even in a household, impact wrenches are very usual tools to have. And even if you have the best cordless impact wrench 2016 in recent years, then it will be totally fine.

Some people take this as a negative thing since it has been three years already. But it is important for you to note that the best tools do not easily degrade and deteriorate. So, even if having some tools way back years, especially for impact wrenches, then you are all good.

As for those who are just starting to plan on having impact wrenches at home or at work, the best cordless impact wrench 2016 is still a great option. But did you know that there are quite a lot to choose from?

If you are one of these individuals, then you’ve come to the right place. This short guide will help you go through a few cordless impact wrench kits that are timeless and still efficient even after a few years of production.

The 5 Best Cordless Impact Wrench 2016 Kits and Packages

In this guide, we have included the 2016’s five best impact wrenches that are cordless. And from these options, you could actually find the most appropriate one for you.

It is also worth noting that while they are the top 5 kits and packages of 2016, there are still a few impact wrenches outside this list that could be a great option for you. These five listed are only some of them. Nevertheless, most cordless impact wrench reviews and guides almost always list them as their top options.

AIRCAT 1150 Killer Torque Impact Wrench

If cost plays a huge role in your buying decisions, then the AIRCAT 1150 Killer Torque Impact Wrench might be a great option. As it happens, this specific impact wrench has become a popular alternative for those who are seeking a cost-effective solution.

But while having a much cheaper cost, this impact wrench from AIRCAT  is a real killer. Thanks to its capability to produce up to 1295 feet per pound of torque at a very impressive 1400 impacts per minute, this has become a very impressive impact wrench.

In addition, it also features the 86 decibels of noise when in use. Hence, users would no longer need to worry about wearing earplugs and noise pollution.

Hammerhead HDIW075 7.5 Amp Impact Wrench

The Hammerhead HDIW075 Impact Wrench was named as one of the best cordless impact wrench 2016 kits. In fact, most automotive and HVAC technicians are seen to have this tool in their respective kits. And this is because it has become a very ideal impact wrench for their tasks and jobs.

Just like the one from AIRCAT, this cordless impact wrench is also affordable. Plus, it can produce up to 240 feet-pounds of torque with its powerful motor that can go from 0 all the way to 2220 rate per minute.

According to the actual users, this 7.5 amp-cordless impact wrench is very convenient and easy to use. Thanks to its comfortable and ergonomic structure, users can utilize this tool without experiencing strain.

DeWalt DC820B 18 Volt Cordless Impact Wrench

If you are a full lover of hand tools, then you surely familiar with the brand, DeWalt. Apparently, every handyman knows this brand as it is very popular in the industry due to its products’ great quality and performance. And with the DeWalt DC820B Cordless Impact Wrench at hand, this tool is no different.

The built-in motor in this impact wrench can provide from 0 up to 2400 rates per minute. And take note that it can achieve its maximum rate in just a matter of seconds. Also, it can produce up to 1740 feet per pound of torque which makes it a very powerful cordless impact wrench.

However, buying this specific cordless impact wrench may require you to spend much more than the usual. This is because, for a price that falls below $300, it would only include the tool alone. And buying the battery will be a separate purchase. But even so, this impact wrench is already proven to lasts much longer than any average impact wrench on the market today.

DeWalt DCF899P1 20V Max XR Impact Wrench Kit

Another great impact wrench from DeWalt is the DCF899P1 20-Volt Max XR Impact Wrench Kit. If you would check this DEWALT 20V Max 1/4 Impact Driver Kit Review, you would notice that the two tools are quite similar. This is because the other is just a much more improved version of the other impact wrench.

But for this specific cordless impact wrench, this one is already powerful enough. With its capacity to produce up to 700 feet per pound of torque, it is already decent enough to be utilized in different applications. In addition, it also has the capacity to produce up to 1200 feet per pound of breakaway torque.

And just like the DeWalt products, this cordless impact wrench is very durable. In fact, it can withstand up to 6 to 9 feet of drop or fall. Also, it can last more than 5 years as per actual users. Not to mention, it is also cost-effective since its overall price already includes the batteries.

 Bosch Bare-Tool 18V Brushless Hybrid

The Bosch Bare-Tool 18-Volt Brushless Hybrid is actually a very versatile cordless impact wrench. But since this power tool is a hybrid type, it can be also a cordless impact driver.

It is worth noting that many are avoiding hybrid types since most of them are naturally poor in quality considering that they have two functions. But this impact wrench and driver from Bosch tells a different story. This is why a lot of people are really looking forward to having this product and ultimately became one of the best cordless impact wrench 2016 kits and packages.

The Best Cordless Impact Wrench of All

Among the five cordless impact wrenches listed in this guide, only one actually stood out the most. And this is the DeWalt DCF899 P1 20-Volt Max XR Impact Wrench.

Primarily, its features and functions are all proven to be in great qualities. Secondly, it is very cost-effective and much more when compared with other DeWalt products. And lastly, this impact wrench is proven to stand the test of time as it is found to be a highly durable cordless impact wrench since 2016.

Now, if you are looking for more information about the best cordless impact wrench 2016, this quick video might help you out: