DEWALT Cordless Impact Driver Kit Review

DEWALT Cordless Impact Driver Kit Review

DEWALT makes fairly decent products that have been useful to the public for many years. Being in the commercial industry for decades, DEWALT sure knows how to address the everyday struggles of a mechanic. They added improvements in their newer models and included modern innovations to make work a lot easier. Recently, they have introduced a new impact driver that has been incorporated with their innovative ideas. This DEWALT Cordless Impact Driver Kit Review post will give you a further overview of the impact driver kit.

The DEWALT Cordless Impact Driver Market

The DEWALT Cordless Impact Driver is already out in the market. Thus the best way to inform interested buyers about it than to create a DEWALT Cordless Impact Driver Kit Review. This company has truly established itself as one of the best ones around. They know how to address the changing needs of their target customers. DEWALT waste no time in meeting those needs in the best possible way.

What Mechanics Should Expect from DEWALT

Mechanics deal with all kinds of issues concerning their tools. DEWALT has certainly gone all-out with its Cordless Impact Driver. Not only has this product made life so much easier for mechanics, but it has made automobile owners happier. This is with the results of their services. DEWALT is addressing both the goals of mechanics and their clients. That has never been more evident than in the production of the DEWALT Cordless Impact Driver Kit. Let’s further discover how this impeccable product is reshaping the industry as a whole. The DEWALT Cordless Impact Driver looks modern and stylish. You can never underestimate the looks of the product because it’s what draws customers to it in the first place.

DEWALT Product Design and Brand

No matter how functional or beneficial a product is, if it doesn’t look great, the chances of it getting sold are slim to none. You can tell from afar that it is a product of DEWALT due to its striking yellow and black design. This company is incredibly distinctive with its product design and brand, and this is what makes them so successful. Clients would immediately know they are the manufacturers because they have this unique and innovative way of tool designer that no other competitor seems to be able to replicate. This model is battery-powered, which means that it does not have to be plugged in an outlet to power up.

Another thing that customers are after is convenience. As customers no longer have to find a power outlet, it is a new and exciting prospect for them to use easily. This is a significant selling point for mechanics. That is because sometimes finding a decent power outlet is what makes their jobs so much tougher. It comes with rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and a battery charger. It can fully charge a single battery in around 30 minutes. So not only is this product safe, it’s so convenient to use as well.

Battery Quality

You won’t have to worry about the quality of the batteries or how long they can last during a service. Using a cordless tool is a lot more efficient in almost all situations. Mechanics can finish a service in half the time it takes for them usually because they gain considerable advantages in several aspects. You get increased versatility and improved productivity. This, in turn, increases your revenue and the number of services you can accomplish in one day. When you have a team of mechanics using this tool, one can only imagine the positive impact it can bring to a company.

This impact driver is one of the modern examples of innovation. These days, it has to be all about innovation; when you’re manufacturing a product, you want to make sure that it exceeds all products before it and adds value to those whom it was made for – the target market. It has an ergonomic and lightweight design with only a thickness of 3.8 inches and a weight of 4.45 pounds.

LED Light Reliability

This handy structure allows users to use the device even in tight areas. This driver also includes an LED light feature that can provide better vision when needed. A DEWALT Cordless Impact Driver Kit Review from a certified user indicated the reliability of a single LED light although multiple LED lights are already incorporated in other impact drivers. The LED light of this impact driver provides excellent visibility without shadows, unlike other LED-included drivers.

What Goes with the DEWALT Cordless Impact Driver Kit

The DEWALT Cordless Impact Driver Kit includes a 20V max battery, charger, kit bag, and the tool itself. It is already a great deal considering the discounted price. One DEWALT Cordless Impact Driver Kit Review mentioned the reliability of kit bag. It can store the entire package, and it is convenient to hold. The company’s 3-year limited warranty backs this kit. The durability of the driver will prevent you from acquiring the warranty since the tool can survive most accidental drops. The brushless motor of the device should not go unsaid. It can deliver up to 57% more run time than a brushed motor, saving more battery power in the process.

What Most Users Say

In conclusion, the DEWALT Cordless Impact Driver Kit may not be the most advanced impact driver today, but it is one to consider having. The fact that it is made of leading-edge technology is enough of a reason to consider having it in your tool shed. You would be amazed at the kind of service this tool would help you accomplish in the long run. With its price, you can’t find an affordable driver that offers this much power and run time.

The ergonomic structure of the device allows the user to gain more tool control and this is something that DEWALT has already perfected in doing. The single LED light may need to be upgraded, but in simple low-light applications, the single LED feature already suffices. Well, the good thing is, you won’t have a hard time upgrading this product as it is also known for its scalability. You just need to contact the company, and they would be more than happy to offer their support. The device can be used for 2 hours straight before it needs a recharge, which is already great for a portable tool.

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