Dewalt 20v Max Compact Brushless Impact Review

Dewalt 20v Max Compact Brushless Impact Review

Are you looking for an automatic, heavy-duty compact drill and impact driver? Then the DEWALT 20V MAX Compact Brushless Impact and Drill Combo Kit should be one of your choices. There are a ton of options available in the market. But when you lay your eyes on this one, you’ll automatically know that it has a place in your tool shed. Within the Brushless Drill and Impact Combo Kit category, it is actually a top pick. And why wouldn’t it be a top pick, right? Thus, you need to read a good number of Dewalt 20v Max Compact Brushless Impact Review posts.

Why Buy the DEWALT 20V MAX Compact Brushless Impact and Drill Combo Kit

With its amazing features, making you efficiently use it, it would be a top pick for any mechanic out there. The product is currently on sale so you might want to consider getting one today.

Check out the product specification before you decide on the product. You will be in awe at this particular product’s amazing features. And as a mechanic, it can make your job more convenient. This Dewalt 20v Max Compact Brushless Impact Review will give you an overview of the device. Discover the innovation, artistry, and practice behind this incredible tool of the 21st century.

Compact Brushless Drill Feature

First off, the DEWALT 20V MAX Compact Brushless Drill has a brushless motor. It is capable of delivering up to 57% more run time compared to brushed motors. This makes it so much faster than all other products before it. That is said to be just as quickly as the leading brands out there. You can agree that it would at the top of the list in any mechanics wish list. One to the many reasons is because of its affordability. This engineering found in this model can only be found on heavy-duty drills. This shows you how innovative the creators of this product are. They are able to implement technology that would otherwise be impossible in something so small and compact.

Can you imagine being able to carry this product around whenever you need it? It’s convenient to the highest level. Surely, DEWALT is already a reputable company when it comes to manufacturing quality tools.

Dewalt 20v Max Compact Brushless Product Portfolio

DEWALT is renowned all over the world. They come with a fantastic product portfolio that has, for years, helped the industry achieve a level of service that it has never seen nor experienced before. This one is by far one of their most successful models as its sales have been increasing since its releasing. You can tell how successful it is with the number of sales that have broken records, the companies that have seen an increase in their revenue, and the customers that have shown nothing but satisfying smiles on their faces. When it comes to building, the brushless drill is a sight to behold, especially for professional mechanics.

As a mechanic paving his way in this competitive industry, a tool like this would make his journey to success a lot easier. Its robotic-like design will make you think that the tool is quite heavy when in fact it is only around 8 pounds in weight. Its state of the art technology that’s causing this product reaches a level that others before were never able to, and that’s all credit to its manufacturers who have been nothing but careful and thorough with their plans and execution. DEWALT’s iconic yellow and black color theme is incorporated in this model. Although many users professed that they wished more color options, it is not much of a big deal. A LED light feature is included in the design. It can allow clearer visibility during the application, especially in low-light scenarios.

The Combo Kit Package

When you purchase the entire combo kit, you get both the Compact Brushless Drill and the Brushless Impact Driver. Now that’s a huge bonus that no mechanic would want to miss. The industry itself requires these professionals to break the bank to buy the most innovative tools out there. The fact that they can get this one for only a fraction of the price of other high-end tools is already surprising in itself. The design of the impact driver is strikingly similar to the compact drill. The design of both these tools is a testament to how amazing the tool design team of the manufacturers are.

When you shop for these products, the first you’re going to lay eyes on is the design – it’s what’s going to make you approach the product and analyze The big difference is the impact driver’s 1/4 inch hex chuck which is just bare metal. The LED light feature is also absent in the impact driver’s design. But it is a feature that is not in essence needed during driver applications.

The Compact Impact Driver

The brushless motor of the compact drill is powerful enough to supply 340 unit watts out for a fast application speed. You get better productivity in a shorter work period. The compact impact driver also features a powerful brushless motor that is capable of providing 1,500 in-lbs of torque. This amount of energy results to an increased versatility in application. A DEWALT 20V MAX Compact Brushless Impact review from a user mentioned the actual functionality of the two devices, and not one of them failed to do the job.

Another Dewalt 20v Max Compact Brushless Impact Review posted online stated that the brushless motor of the compact drill is comparably more powerful than his brushed motor drills.

Dewalt 20v Max Compact Brushless Usability and Affordability

Overall, the DEWALT 20V MAX Compact Brushless Impact and Drill Combo Kit is indeed a great deal already. By saving some 28% off the price, you get two devices in one purchase. The tools have a compact lightweight, ergonomic design that fits into tight areas. They are quite handy, and the rubber grips make them more comfortable to use. For mechanics who are in search of both convenience and performance, this tool is an excellent choice!