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What Is a Cordless Impact Wrench?

Have you ever experienced having a hard time removing stubborn lug nuts? Did you have a hard time attaching them when returning these nuts in place? Of course, almost everyone who deals with lug nuts has surely experienced these things. And this is the reason why a cordless impact wrench has emerged in the industry.

Apparently, a cordless impact wrench has become one of the must-have tools of every laborer in several industries, especially if you are working in the automotive and machinery sector. As it happens, most of the equipment and machinery in this line of work deal with lug nuts.

Although lug nuts are traditionally dealt with by using manual wrenches and other hand tools, impact wrenches have paved the way to a more convenient process when it comes to attaching and removing these nuts.

So, it is actually very common nowadays to leave the manual wrenches behind and utilize impact wrenches when dealing with lug nuts. Accordingly, these power tools are almost always found in a workshop, automotive shop, factories, sites, and even inside a household.

A Deeper Look On Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches actually come in different names. Some people would refer to them as simply impact wrenches. Others, however, are more familiar with names like impact guns, impactors, air guns, torque guns, air wrenches, and windy guns. But certainly, they all refer to one specific tool, and that is an impact wrench.

By definition, an impact wrench is a socket wrench power tool. It is largely designed to deliver a significant amount of torque through the tool’s output shaft. This torque output starts when the impact wrench stores energy in the form of a rotating mass. When the energy is ready to be utilized, it goes out from the output shaft and the user can now exert this to a specific lug nut.

Whether it may be for placing back or removing the lug nuts, an impact wrench can instantly do the task at hand.

Impact Wrench vs Impact Drivers vs Pulse Tool

More often than not, it has become a common mistake for most people to consider that a pulse tool is just the same as an impact wrench. But as it happens, the two mentioned tools have a far different mechanism from each other.

There are times that a pulse tool is appropriate when dealing with lug nuts. And they have become a great alternative since these tools do not deliver the same risks of noise pollution and danger. This is because a pulse tool does not produce alarming and dangerous noise during the process of usage.

As for an impact wrench, one would always need to wear safety ear caps and alike to protect the ears from the tool’s noise pollution and the apparent risks that it poses to the user.

But even so, (and just a side note, especially to beginners) impact wrenches are different from pulse tools. It is also worth noting that impact wrenches are different as well to impact drivers. Although they all work in similar ways and processes, they all have different functions and features.

Impact Wrenches and Their Power Sources

On a normal basis, impact wrenches are classified depending on their power sources. And based on these sources, the types of impact wrench are derived.

The most traditional type of impact wrench is apparently powered by compressed air. And since it is the traditional type, it has become the most common type of all.

Even so, the times have changed. And since the technology has already improved and advanced in recent years, newer and more improved impact wrenches are being offered these days. These impact wrenches have emerged from having the traditional compressed air sources to having electrical sources, either a corded or a cordless type.

While pneumatic types or air-powered types have become the standard type of impact wrenches, aside from the electrical ones, the hydraulic forms of impact wrenches have also become widely available as a water-counterpart for the air types.

So, in short, there are three most commonly known power sources for impact wrenches. And above them all, the electric types, especially the cordless ones are now the most utilized impact wrenches.

The Cordless Impact Wrench Today

As mentioned, the traditional types of impact wrenches are the air-powered types. And they are very much functional for professionals. So, it is quite safe to say that they largely used for larger scopes of works and tasks.

But since technology has played its good role in the society, and not to mention that everyone’s already attached to the convenience that it delivers in almost all aspects, a cordless impact wrench is now seen as the most favored type of all.

There is not much of a difference when comparing the pneumatic types, corded types, and cordless types. But the only distinct discrepancy in all of the types is mainly the power source.

A cordless impact wrench is basically a battery-powered type of tool. And since one would no longer need a cord to power up the tool, using this kind elicits more convenience and efficiency to the user. Not to mention that a battery-powered impact wrench is the most cost-effective type of all.

However, it is worth noting that battery-powered impact wrenches do not possess the same amount of power as what a traditional impact wrench would have. As it appears, it can still deliver huge amounts of torque output but not as powerful as the standard types.

Nevertheless, they are still seen as the most convenient, accessible, cost-effective, and efficient type of impact wrench.

Using Cordless Impact Wrench And The Way It Works

Basically, an impact wrench is used to assist the user in tightening and loosening a lug nut. The tool delivers a rotational force, which is the torque, in “short bursts” or also known as the impacts. And using a cordless type, the user would be able to work around the equipment of concern without worrying the limited space due to the cords for power sources.

As specified, all types of impact wrenches deliver the same functions and results. But when using a cordless impact wrench, it offers a more convenient way to tighten or loosen a lug nut. In fact, one would only need a single hand to finish the job.

Just by simply turning on the handheld device, the cordless impact wrench would deliver torque outputs. Consequently, the user would then be able to apply it on the fixing in short bursts or impacts.

As a result, a much higher torque output in a shorter period of time can be given with lesser effort. And this is way better than using a manual wrench. Accordingly, the user can save more time, effort, and cost in the long run.

Cordless Impact Wrench Applications

Obviously, the applications for cordless impact wrench are those tasks that involve lug nuts. Hence, these will blatantly focus on automobiles and vehicles, machine repairs and maintenance, product assemblies, construction projects, and other major works that involve the use of torque due to pieces of equipment and machinery.

Aside from these applications, any homeowner can actually use a cordless impact wrench. This is because when changing tires or even just maintaining residential appliances, impact wrenches are becoming more useful than the manual wrenches.

Also, Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts are common users as well of cordless impact wrenches. When projects would involve nuts and bolts, of course, these socket devices would come very useful in accomplishing such projects.

Why Would You Need One

Just like the manual wrenches which are very common tools in a garage or a residential home, a cordless impact wrench is also a must-have tool for everyone. With its features that can largely replace the old and traditional manual wrenches, of course, who would not need an alternative tool that can offer much greater and effective results, right?

Even if you are just a simple homeowner, a cordless impact wrench in your toolbox will become handy. And when the right time comes, you no longer need to worry. You can easily replace your tires in just a few minutes. And this is rather than spending half an hour or two when doing the said job.

Also, some home appliances have stiff and stubborn lug nuts. And when these appliances need maintenance and repairing, such handheld tools can be really useful to every homeowner.

Buying A Cordless Impact Wrench

Cordless impact wrenches have become massively popular in recent years. Thanks to the wonderful works of technology, many manufacturers and brands today are now widely offering these products. Whether it may be a cordless or pneumatic type, most of them have it.

Of course, tool shops and garages have these kinds of tools. And when you want to purchase one for yourself, you would surely be able to acquire it in the same places. But since the online world has now become a great platform for the current market, every consumer and user can now purchase such tools from the online market through different platforms.

As for the cost and price, these factors would vary depending on several variables. These actually includes brand, manufacturer, type, features, and specifications.

For more information about cordless impact wrenches, this video might help you out: